$150 • Winter Pricing: $50

Reserve Champion Weanling Spot Barrow 2014 Fall Classic

Sire: Time Change
Dam: S&I x Graffiti

Stress Carrier  |  EN 45-4  | Reg# 154156004
Bred by Norman Brothers, IL

RIGHT ROUND is a purchase from Duncan in 2013 .Even though he was a baby in the mature show,he was Blake's first choice of all Spot Boars there. This guy is extremely square,tall shouldered and balanced. He is muscular in an attractive ,sound package. Barrows and gilts that look like this will win shows.

-Reserve Grand Overall Barrow Puntam Co,In
- 3rd Overall Barrow 2015 Team Purebred
- Champion Spot Barrow 2015 Team Purebred
- 2 Class Winning Gilts 2015 Team Purebred
- Reserve Spot Barrow 2015 WPX
- Champion Spot Barrow 2015 WPX
  On The Run [ SPOT ]
$150 • Winter Pricing: $50

Sire - Get Loud
Dam -Radio Active

Stress Negative
Bred by August McIntosh and Family

Grand dam is a littermate to ENTOURAGE
Great Grand dam was a class winner at the Iowa state fair open show

On The Run was purchased at the 2015 WPX. On The Run was purchased to be able to be put back on all the great females that have been being bred here at PPBS! This guy is unique in being tall shouldered, good looking, monster ribbed, on a running gear that is super flexible! On The Run can fix some soundness issues if he Sires the way he looks! Muscle, Bone, Balance, and squareness all are really good! CKD
$125 • Winter Pricing: $50

Sire: Listen Up
Dam: Like No Other x Piranha

Stress Negative  |  EN 10-2  | Reg# 158813002
Raised by Joel Olson
Owned with Dustin Feldman

BOLD STRATEGY was a private-treaty purchase. Thanks to Dustin for letting us know this one was out there. On top of the fact that Dustin had seen this guy, I also talked to Shane Brinning, who had also seen this guy at the farm. BOLD STRATEGY, being stress-negative, peaked our interest even more. This guy’s feet are huge with front end squareness and width. He has boldness to his center rib, which are awesome, and for a negative boar he had above average muscle. Couple that with his ability to take long fluid strides out of both ends, makes this guy something special
$150 Winter Pricing: $50

Sire- Changer
Dam- Entourage

Stress Carrier  |  EN 9-7  | Reg# 155243007
Bred by Jeremy Schneider and Family

SILVER TONGUE was purchased at 2014 Duncan.This guy is STOUT,STOUT,STOUT. It does not matter whether you read this thru his skull,forearm,foot size,bone size rib or mass,he is STOUT. Combined with his width and squareness from foot to the top of his skeleton. Silver Tongue has excellent set and flex to hos skeleton as well. Study how long and square this guys hip is too. Be the last to speak have a Silver Tongue.
$100 • Winter Pricing: $50

Sire- High Life
Dam- Color Me Lucky

Stress Carrier  |  EN 40-2  | Reg# 156147002
Bred by Jeff Wippel

Bouncer potentially is the meanest boar we have purchased.I Personally love his attitude because he is confident in himself that we owns the place. This guy is tall shouldered,good looking,square,sound and muscular. Show pigs that look like this reach the top of the class frequently.
$50 Winter Pricing: $35

Sire: Premium Blend
Dam: Live Action X Fireball X S and L X Reload

Stress NegativeEN 23-1Reg# 155377001
Raised by Blake Danner

Throwback is out of the retired Premium Blend boar.  His dam is the young class winner, fifth overall and champion bred and owned female from Team Purebred show in 2013.  In my opinion this is one awesome animal.  Footsize, bone, squareness, flexability, muscularity, balance and design are all A plusses.  His only negative is that  we about lost this guy after weaning and he could be slightly bigger for his age.  His frame score is not as big as Premium Blend yet no to moderate either.  Easily the best spot male we have ever farrowed here at PPBS.  Use with faith that his offspring will be good.
$100 Winter Pricing: $35
Sire- Like No Other
Dam- Nom Nom Nom X Bank Note X Holy Cow

Stress Carrier  |  EN 1-5  | Reg# 4510005
Bred by JCurt Watson Shown by Phoebe Rogers
Owned with Andy Pfeiffer

Rainy Day was the Champion Poland Boar at the 2014 Fall Classic. This guys pedigree is stacked along with the fact that Curt Watson is one of the hottest Breeders in the Poland breed right now,complied with this guys phenotype makes Rainy Day a sure bet. I think Rainy Day is as square,balanced,and correct as you can find. Good Rainy Days allows for prosperous times in any circle of life.
$50 • Winter Pricing: $35

Sire: Boogity Boogity
Dam: Nom Nom Nom

EN 4-1  |  Reg# 43775001   Stress Negative
Bred by Keith Iberg and Family
Owned with Pfeiffer Farms, Okla., Randy & Jan Allen, Ill., JR Reid

We finalized the deal on NASCAR a week before the 2013 STC. We are so happy we did, because we felt he would have scared away the competition. This guy's running gear is extremely square, straight forward and correct. He's tall shouldered, good ribbed, muscular
and balanced. Hop on track with NASCAR.

-4th Overall Poland Gilt 2014 Team Purebred
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