As many of you know, we have not paid as much for alot of our cross boars as some of the competition, however, we feel that money only dictates ownership and not always quality.  As we head into the future where we need to make showpigs more functional and practical, we feel like this set of boars can help you accomplish your goals.

An example of this happened from the 2011 ISF (Indiana State Fair) to the 2012 ISF.  In 2011 we paid $1400 for a boar called Balance and he ended up siring the Reserve Grand Champion at the 2012 ISF.  This shows in my opinion that it is not always the high dollars spent but the breeding value that lays within the hog.


$150 • 4/$125 | Overrun $75

Sire: Dueces
Dam: Big Motor x High Life x Greeter x Beef Cake

Stress - Negative
Raised By Gary Fender

Stacked Deck is a boar that is really complete and one that is hard to make. Stacked Deck is a boar that is not that real moderate hog, not big either, but is really square, sound, and functional. Stacked Deckhas a really good look, tremendous turn to his center rob and muscular. Gary and Tonya have said that Stacked Deck has been special from day 1 and that he will get heavy use there. I am writing this 2 and a half weeks after getting here in Chalmers and wow, he looks incredible. This guy has what it takes, yes we Stacked the Deck. CKD


$300  | OVERRUN $150
Sire: Artic Invasion
Dam: Killer Instinct x Tree Shaker x Super Monster

Stress Negative
Raised By Diamond V  Farms

Artic Blast was purchased at the Indiana Crossbred Classic 2015 as a class winner.   I know some probably can't believe we spent $35,000 on a crossbred boar, however we thought this was the one that needed to be here in Chalmers.  Others probably are thinking that hell is about to freeze over and NO it is only an ARTIC BLAST.  This guy is stout and has an awesome look with it.  One week now after the show and I can honestly say he looks even better.  If you are looking for foot, bone, wide and square with muscle, design, balance and that show ring look.  Quit looking elsewhere and hop on here.  Gathered with this is he comes from the same sow family as Double Nickel, Mile High, Analyze This, Closet Monster, Human Nature and the 2012 National Wester Champion


$250 • 4/$200 | Overrun $125
Sire: Nonstop
Dam: Swagger x Hillbilly Bone

Stress - Negative
Bred by: Michael Showpigs

This would be one of the most exciting private treaty purchases we have had!!! This one offers the unique look with so much foot and bone it looks dumbfounding good!!! This one has genuine muscle on a wide square skeleton! I will let this guy do his own talking cause we feel like this one can make the industry better! We appreciate the business the Michel family has offered us!! And to add on top of it his mother was the grand champion at the Indiana state fair in 2013!!!

250 • 4/$200 | Overrun $125
Sire: Trigger
Dam: Suzanna (toxic 23-5 x morebody )

Stress- Carrier
$250.00 a dose / 4 doses 200 each Summer Pricing 125.00
Bred by: Midwest genetics

This firm needs no introduction with the amount of good ones they produce!! It just happens we bought a boar that has the same dam as monumental! With all the greatness monumental has had we feel like FIRING SQUAD as the potential to have even greater achievements then his half brother! Talk about one that pushes all limits but is still so complete! That can not be said very often! A stout featured boar, that comes at you with a big square chest floor, follows that back with the big stupid back over a giant rib! Then you step behind him and carries that mass all the way through to the lower third of his body!! WOW talk about a game changer he has this with an tall fronted, balances look, and an athletic hind leg!!! Needless to say we feel like this one can improve crossbreeds where they need to be better!
$175 • 4/$150 | Overrun $100
Hillbilly Hilton x B57 x RedBone x Hillbilly Bone x Soundsystem

Stress - Negative
Bred by: Swanson (4k farms) BRED GILT
Raised by: Danner
Stud Housed: Purple Power
150.00 a dose 4 for 125.00 each Overrun 75.00

Not very often do we talk about flaws in a hog. However, this hog has one fault and that is he is not in my show barn for a barrow for are state fair. Hogs that are built like this don't just win county fairs they win big time! This is a stupid sound boar, that offers a freaky square build, that couples this with standing on some big legs! Where he really gains his advantage is he has an awesome rib shape! He also has more then enough muscle to play big time. Two words to describe this one is balanced and athletic!!!!! If you can't tell we are kinda high on this one and their are a lot of reasons we should be!!!!!
$100 • 4/$75 | Overrun $50
Sire: Hillbilly Hilton
Dam: Hillbilly Bone x Old Goat x Hillbilly Bone x Sound System

Stress - Negative
Bred by: Kirk Swanson
Raised by: Danner
100.00 a dose / 4 dose 75.00 Overrun 50.00

Talk about a creature this is a triple bred hillbilly bone! If you want to see kirks description of this ones mommy genetically look down at her picture! This is a stout, rugged made hog that has an athletic running gear! He has the right rib shape, muscle, and just shear mass to win barrow shows! Look, athletic, power, and build the right kind for the majority! If you still wanna be classy with out using boars with the hype chase in their favor look no farther then Marriott!
$100 • 4/$75 | Overrun $50
Sire: Trigger
Dam: Limitless

Stress - Negative
Bred by: Greg Thompson and family
100.00 a dose 4 dose 75.00 each OVERRUN 50.00

This is one of are exciting new purchases from the expo 2015! We have learned that through the years some of the least expensive ones breed on just as good or even better as the high dollar ones! CAUGHT NAPPING gets his name because various amount of people said they were going to try to buy this hog but where CAUGHT NAPPING!! We understand why make a front 1/3 like this that is so bold in their chest floor but yet still extended in their head and neck with a stout skull! What is even more impressive when you get on top of him he has a big back that sits on the big feet and bone work! When you step right behind him he has the show barrow deluxe with a big stout pin set that allows him to drop deep in his crotch! Add this with being a sound flexible boar that stays so freaky square in his build with a balance from the side!!!!!

$100 • 4/$75 | Overrun $50

Sire: Hillbilly Hilton
Dam: B57 x Red Bone x Hillbilly Bone x Soundsystem

Stress - Negative
Bred by Swanson(4Kfarms) bred gilt
Raised by Blake Danner

Red Roof is a littermate to Taj Mahal. Red Roof has always been the more descript muscled hog of the 2. He couples that with a great look up front, great top line and square movement on his feet and legs. Out of a really good sow and strong litter in the littermate sister wins her class at Indiana State Fair as well.


$100 • 4/$75 | Overrun $50

Sire: AS Good AS It Gets

Stress Negative | BF .78 | LEA 9.2
Bred by Mark Gray

-3rd Overall Barrow 2015 White Co,In
- Reserve Grand Overall Gilt Jasper Co,In
- Grand Overall Battle of the Bluegrass Jackpot,KY

Super Good was purchased at the Crossbred Classic in 2014 as a class winner.  He has matched or exceeded our expectations of him in the first crop shown already when writing this.  His babies are easy to sale, easy to feed and easy to stand with a banner in front of a backdrop.  He is big legged, wide, good looking and mobile.  More importantly so are his babies.

$75 • 4/$50 | Overrun $50

Sire: No Mercy
Dam: Supermodel

Stress - Negative | BF .82 | LEA 10.2
Bred by P and N Showpigs
Owned with Gary Fender

NO MERCY ON ME has a unique ability to cover a large area with tremendous ease. His long, square stride with his awesome look, head carriage and tremendous rib shape make this guy very interesting. He has a great balance and good muscularity, as well.

-Reserve Grand Overall Barrow 2015 Jasper Co,In
- Grand Overall Market Hog Adams Co,Ohio


$100 • 4/$75 | Overrun $50

Grand Champion Overall 2014 American Royal
Champion Cross 2014 American Royal

Sire: Mountain Man
Dam: 9 to 5

Stress Negative |  BF: .6  |  LEA: 9.5
Bred by Ray Show Pigs, IL
Owned with Fender Club Pigs, OH

Mountain Time wins class At 2013 Crossbred Classic. This guy feet are big and square,his bone work is big and flexible. He is square made boar that travels with ease. He comes in a little bit more moderate package with really good muscle. Nathan Ray said this was the most anticipated litter for the winter group 2013. All 5 gilts are retained to make sows out of. His dam  is a gilt herself and maternal Grand dam is the best generator ever to be at Ray Show pigs. She raised the 2012 Reserve Grand Commercial Gilt at the 2012 Iowa State Fair,Champion Lt Wt Dark Cross at 2012 San Antonio plus many other winners.

-Grand Champion Overall Barrow Putnam Co,In
-Grand Champion Overall Barrow Clinton Co,In
-Grand Champion Overall Barrow St.Joe,In
-Grand Champion Barrow 2014 St. Joe Co,IN
-Grand Champion Overall Barrow St.Joe Co,In
- Reserve Champion Ellis Co Expo,TX

$75 • 4/$50 | Overrun $50

Sire: Times Square
Dam: Covershot

Stress Carrier
Bred & Owned with Albright Swine Farm, MI

Walk-In's dam is a true generator. In 2013, 8 out of her litter of 10 won a show and she put 2 in the top 5 overall at the Michigan Livestock Expo. Walk-in's build and skeleton is unmatched, He doesn't take a bad step! He has show barrow look up front and should produce skeleton that's easy to feed.

$50 • 4/$35 | Overrun $35

Sire: Sweet Tooth
Dam: Toxic 28-3

Stress Negative |  BF: .97  |  LEA: 11.1
Bred By AJ Lewis

Sweet Emotions was purchased at Duncan 2012 being named 2nd in class 5.  Sweet Emotions was one of the truly square, super sound, big ribbed, good designed boars of the show.  AJ believed in him enough that he had several females already bred to him for the spring crop of 2013.  All reports from those that seen him at the farm said he was incredible as a fresh hog and that knowing that he knew he was a boar that he had lost just a little zip.  I think that we need to make hogs sounder and squarer and he fits this bill.  The other advantage is that his sire has had a great summer siring winners across the country.

-Reserve Division 4 Cross Barrow Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Grand Champion Barrow 2014 Cass Co,In
-3rd Overall Barrow Lake Co,In
-Grand Champion Barrow 2014 Cass Co,IN
-4th Overall Division 2 Cross Barrows 2014 WPX -Class 9 Winne

-Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog Polk Co, FL
-Reserve Market Gilt 2013 Iowa state Fair 4-H Show
-Class Winning Barrow 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Grand Champion Overall Guthrie Co,IA
-Grand and Reserve Overall Hidalgo Co,NM
-Champion Hamp Arriba Co,NM
-Grand Champion Dallas Co,IA
-Reserve Grand Overall Louisa Co,IA
-Grand Champion Market Hog 2013 Battle for the Banner
-Grand Champion Prospect Breeding Gilt Aberta Lea,MN
-Grand Champion Market Gilt 2013 Aberta Lea,MN
-Grand Champion Market Hog 2013 Cedar Co,IA
-Grand Champion Overall Puntam Co,IN
-Reserve Grand Overall Gilt 2015 White Co,In

$100 • 4/$75 | Overrun $50

Sire: Speechless
Dam: Fatal Attraction x Super 7 x Alias

Stress - Negative
Bred By TKO Genetics, Okla.

UNDISPUTED comes to us out of a great sow family. His dam was Reserve Grand Gilt at the Okla. State Fair in 2011, which is also the dam of Solidify at TKO. The grandam is also a littermate to the dam of Super Monster. She produced the Bronze barrow at OYE in 2010. She
also raised the Reserve Grand at the Okla. State Fair twice, plus numerous class winners at majors in the southwest. As for UNDISPUTED, he has good toes, big legs, clean joints, square
hocks and the angles to his skeleton are right. He is tall shouldered, long fronted with a great look, good length of body and a long correct hip. As for width and muscle, he is really good and the turn out of his blade to his center rib and shape out of his blade to his loin both are
ideal. I hope what I described here is a near-perfect hog. Take notice!
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