As many of you know, we have not paid as much for alot of our cross boars as some of the competition, however, we feel that money only dictates ownership and not always quality.  As we head into the future where we need to make showpigs more functional and practical, we feel like this set of boars can help you accomplish your goals.

An example of this happened from the 2011 ISF (Indiana State Fair) to the 2012 ISF.  In 2011 we paid $1400 for a boar called Balance and he ended up siring the Reserve Grand Champion at the 2012 ISF.  This shows in my opinion that it is not always the high dollars spent but the breeding value that lays within the hog.

$100.00 a dose 
4 doses: $75 each | Overrun $50

Sire: Hangover (Monster 52-4) |
Dam: Super 7

Stress Negative | BF .50 | LEA 10.2
Bred By Chad Hill Durocs,Texas

MY KINDA PARTY was a class-winning boar at the 2013 WPX. This guy goes to the head of the class because of his impeccable structure. He is a squaremade, heavy-structured boar with look and muscle. Offspring that look and move like this guy will be hard to handle
in the show ring.

$100.00 a dose 
4 doses: $75 each | Overrun $50

Sire: Sweet Tooth
Dam: Toxic 28-3

Stress Negative |  BF: .97  |  LEA: 11.1
Bred By AJ Lewis

Sweet Emotions was purchased at Duncan 2012 being named 2nd in class 5.  Sweet Emotions was one of the truly square, super sound, big ribbed, good designed boars of the show.  AJ believed in him enough that he had several females already bred to him for the spring crop of 2013.  All reports from those that seen him at the farm said he was incredible as a fresh hog and that knowing that he knew he was a boar that he had lost just a little zip.  I think that we need to make hogs sounder and squarer and he fits this bill.  The other advantage is that his sire has had a great summer siring winners across the country.

-Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog Polk Co, FL
-Reserve Market Gilt 2013 Iowa state Fair 4-H Show
-Class Winning Barrow 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Grand Champion Overall Guthrie Co,IA
-Grand and Reserve Overall Hidalgo Co,NM
-Champion Hamp Arriba Co,NM
-Grand Champion Dallas Co,IA
-Reserve Grand Overall Louisa Co,IA
-Grand Champion Market Hog 2013 Battle for the Banner
-Grand Champion Prospect Breeding Gilt Aberta Lea,MN
-Grand Champion Market Gilt 2013 Aberta Lea,MN
-Grand Champion Market Hog 2013 Cedar Co,IA
-Grand Champion Overall Puntam Co,IN
$75.00 a dose 
4 doses: $50 each | Overrun $35

Sire: Road Warrior (littermate to Reserve Grand at NAILE (Red Belt))
Dam: Super Monster x Beef Cake
(Littermate to Caveman)

Stress Carrier
Owned with Fender Showpigs, OH, Malcom, Roger Biehl

Road Monster was purchased at STC Louisville, KY in 2012. This guy has big feet, heavy boned , wide chested, big forearmed, excellent rib and good muscularity. His frame score is right and his balance is excellent to make competitive crosses.

-Reserve Champion Gilt 2013 Crossbred Classic sold for 25,000
-Reserve Cross Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show and 3rd Overall
-Reserve Grand Overall Barrow Washington Ct House,OHIO
-Grand Champion Overall Barrow Lawerence Co,Ohio


$100.00 a dose 
4 doses: $75 each | Overrun $50

Sire: Mountain Man
Dam: 9 to 5

Stress Negative |  BF: .6  |  LEA: 9.5
Bred by Ray Show Pigs, IL
Owned with Fender Club Pigs, OH

Mountain Time wins class At 2013 Crossbred Classic. This guy feet are big and square,his bone work is big and flexible. He is square made boar that travels with ease. He comes in a little bit more moderate package with really good muscle. Nathan Ray said this was the most anticipated litter for the winter group 2013. All 5 gilts are retained to make sows out of. His dam  is a gilt herself and maternal Grand dam is the best generator ever to be at Ray Show pigs. She raised the 2012 Reserve Grand Commercial Gilt at the 2012 Iowa State Fair,Champion Lt Wt Dark Cross at 2012 San Antonio plus many other winners.

$100.00 a dose 
4 doses: $75 each | Overrun $50

Sire: Analyse This
Dam: Second Chance x pure duroc

Stress Carrier | BF .85 | LEA 11.4
Raised by Forsyth Bros
Owned with Forsth and Andy Platner

Quick Call was exactly that.  When I looked at Quick Call the very first time it was a Quick Call in my decision to bring him to Chalmers.  This guy in Joel Forsyth opion may be the best boar they have raised.  Quick Call is an absolute mass in being huge footed, monster legs, wide, big ribbed, massive back and even bigger butt. Not a typycal Chris Danner boar as this one is out there.

Littermate to One Honest Hillbilly

Littermate to One Honest Hillbilly
$100.00 a dose 

Sire: Hillbilly Bone
Dam: One Honest Okie x Reality Check

Littermate to 2012 Tulsa State Fair $12,000 Reserve Grand Gilt

One Honest Hillbilly is out of a true F1 blue sow, which is out of One Honest Okie a pure Hampshire boar Oklahoma State University raised that stood at 4K farms, and a Reality Check sow that produced Tyler Frailey's 2011 OYE Reserve Grand Prom King barrow, which is a great accomplishment being a Purebred at OYE. Everybody knows the greatness of Hillbilly Bone, but Kirk Swanson says One Honest Okie had the same depth and curvature of rib as Hillbilly Bone that ever breeder should be seeking to make easy feeding pigs. One Honest Hillbilly's litter was extremely deep, besides the Reserve Grand Gilt at Tulsa State Fair, a littermate barrow also made the premium sale, and OSU retained two littermate gilts.

With that being said about his pedigree, One Honest Hillbilly is one unique boar as a young prospect the student employees at the OSU Swine Center at the time nicknamed him little steer, because he was the squarest made, boxiest, biggest ribbed, largest legged baby pig we have raised. One Honest Hillbilly matured into a stout headed, big legged boar that is extremely tall fronted and huge ribbed like his decedents. His length of body is perfect to make champion barrows and gilts. Probably the most appealing aspect of him is his structure, he is so square and true coming at you and going away with ideal slope, angle, and cushion to his shoulder and an awesome set to his hock.

I totally believe that One Honest Hillbilly will breed on and make the next generation of champions better.

- John Staude

$75.00 a dose 
4 doses: $50 each | Overrun $35

Sire: Positively Perfect
Dam: No Problem x Beast (pure Hamp)

Stress Carrier
Bred by Larry Box, Okla.

PARADISE CITY was purchased at the 2013 WPX. This guy reads stout, with width and muscularity. Tall-shouldered, level-designed and super square in his travel – coming and going. Being out of a purebred Hampshire sow, we think you should get some extremely pretty blues and belts.
$75.00 a dose 
4 doses: $50 each | Overrun $35

Sire: Super Special
Dam: Free-N-Easy

Stress Negative LEA: 12.9  |  BF: .72
Raised by Steve Ehman

Special Edition was purchased at the 2010Indiana State Fair Crossbred Classic. He is a littermate to the Grand Overall gilt at the 4-h show at the IN State Fair. He is really heavy boned, sound, wide, square and scans the biggest top of all the boars in the Crossbred Classic Sale. This guy is sure to put winning barrows and gilts on the ground.

-Grand Champion Commercial Gilt 2013 VA State Fair
-20th overall Commercial Gilt 2012 OYE
-Grand Champion Market Hog 2011 VA State Fair
-Grand Champion Barrow  Newton County Open Show 2011
-Reserve Grand Barrow Cass County,IN 2011

$75.00 a dose 
4 doses: $50 each | Overrun $35

Sire: War Wagon (Mason's)
Dam: Ultimate Force

Stress Negative
Raised By Diamond V Showpigs

Diversity was an online purchase that has been a great positive surprise from day one.  This guy is very stout in his features, extremely square in his build and has this huge center rib cage.  His back and butt are really big as well!  He has this great side design and, of course, he has this unique color.

-Reserve Grand Overall Barrow 2013 White County,IN
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