$300 • Summer Pricing: $150

Dam-Royal Flush X Buck Cherry 1-6
Stress- Negative

EN 12-1 |  Reg 362645001
Bred by Joe Eggers

Thank You Joe Eggers for sharing this one with us. Not many boars today are selected off a slatted floor, but that is exactly where I found HONEYMOON. My first observation was his toe quality striking the slats, then up to enormous and gigantic big legs. Then I noticed how tall shouldered and good looking he is. He has a great boar skull on him and the way he cats around in the pen with no effort and maintains a super square travel pattern. I guess the only thing I haven't mentioned is, teat quality, muscle, and skin and hair. All plusses except he is a little lighter pigment than what I prefer. When we priced HONEYMOON we asked Joe if we could name him this because Joe has met his match in life with Jamee. I wish the two of them the best and if you all want to meet your match, you may want a HONEYMOON as well. CKD


$200 • Summer Pricing: $75

Sire: Challenger
Dam: Royal Flush x Buck 1-6
Stress Negative

EN: 11-1  |  Reg # 369108001    
Raised By Joe Eggers

Amplify was purchased off the farm from Joe Eggers.  He is also out of the same dam as Honeymoon, with that, Amplify has a similar look.  Being tall fronted, square chested, awesome look, level top, wide behind and a show more muscle than his half brother.  Without a doubt we feel like this guy will Amplify your and our results in the winners circle. 


$200 • Summer Pricing: $50

Sire: Won't Stop
Dam:  Anticipation x Buck 1-6
Stress Negative

EN 22-4  |  Reg # 366569004
Raised by Tres Amigos and Kyle Riggs

One Stop is a purchase off the farm from Tres Amigos.  The Anticipation dam was purchased by them from Kyle Riggs.  The Buck 1-6 granddam is also the same granddam as in Honeymoon and Amplify.  This will make for some interesting breedings.  One Stop hit me hard for how correct his structure is especially his hip and hind leg along with how rugged built he is.  I believe this one can make a lot of improvements in the breed simply because of his length of hip and angles and flex the way he moves.  Study this one,  ONE STOP ________________________________________


$150 • Summer Pricing: $50
Sire-Light Em Up
Dam- Challenger X Integrity ( Mother Reserve Duroc  Gilt from Indiana State Fair Jr Show )

EN 15-8 | Reg 364356008
Bred by Marty Fordice and Family

I want to thank Marty for allowing us to purchase this masterpiece to place into the stud here at Chalmers. When Marty walked this one out of the barn I instantly seen the flawless design of his mother that was showed last summer. The square built, good look, muscular, heavy structured animal that we all are in search for. Trump Card has these same attributes coupled with an unbelievable texture to his skin and hair for a red one. To this day he has not been clipped and what a silk smooth coat he has. DO NOT MISS OUT HERE. This guy is really good. CKD

Dam of Energizer
Champion Points Iowa Jackpot Circuit 2014

Shown by Tyler Frasher  
Bred by Andy Platner
Sired by Challenger 



$150 • Summer Pricing: $50

Sire- Wont Stop
Dam- Challenger

EN 15-2 | Reg #369112002
Bred by Joe Eggers

Energizer is a private treaty purchase from Joe Eggers in spring of 2016! When this tall fronted, goose necked, stout skulled hog stepped out of Eggers show barn we knew he was a must own! This one has the possibility to take you to the next level in terms of being the next barrow sire! This hog has real genuine shape working with in his skeleton! It doesn't matter if you view this one coming at you with a monster chest, or going you with a stout pin set and an awesome flare to his lower ham! This one has a barrow back laid in him that is to die for! We think that if you can combine bone, a good look, with genuine shape and still athletic you are looking at an energized future!!!!


$100 • Summer Pricing: $50

Sire- Incentive
Dam- Lifeblood X Full Shift X Special Collection

EN 1-1 | Reg# 356758001
Bred by Blake Danner

IGNITE has us lit up here at Purple Power. This guy looks like a BIG TIME BARROW SIRE. When you study his pedigree it is no wonder why.His sire Incentive has 2 shots of Special Collection in him and Lifeblood was out of Line Em Up which was a special collection and the great grand dam of IGNITE was also out of Special. Full shift, Prenup and Totally Awesome all set in this guys pedigree. About IGNITE, he is bigger footed, stouter boned and skulled than Special. He also has more lower butt as well. His shoulder height is awesome. He is wide, square, muscular and super sound. We have not had one that IGNITES us here at Purple Power like this one in quite a while!!!!!!!!!!!

- Class 5 Winning Duroc Gilt 2016 Southeast Regional
- Reserve Duroc Barrow 2016 NWSS


Click to Enlarge!

$75 • Summer Pricing: $35

Sire: WTX Red Jacket
Dam: Full Shift ($4,000 gilt purchase from RW Genetics)

Stress Negative  |  LEA 10.2  |  EN 3-1  |  Reg# 346044001
Bred by Norman Farms, Ill.
Owned with Marty Fordice & Family and Rodibaugh Genetics, Ind.

Without a question, CHALLENGER was our pick of the Duroc boars at the 2013 STC! It doesn't matter which end you start at, this hog is good. Tall-shouldered, long-fronted, square to the ground, big-ribbed,
muscular, heavy-structured and square-toed – all with muscle and soundness.

- Reserve Duroc Barrow 2015 Colorado State Fair
- Champion Duroc Gilt 4-h,FFA and Open Kentucky State Fair
- Reserve Duroc Barrow 4-H Iowa State Fair
- Champion Duroc Barrow 2015 FFA Iowa State Fair
- Heaviest Class Winning Barrow 2015 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
- 4 out of the 12 Class Winning Gilts 2014 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Reserve Duroc Gilt 2014 Indiana State Fair
-Champion Jr Gilt 2014 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Reserve Sr Gilt 2014 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Class 1 Duroc Barrows- Class Winner 2014 Indiana State Fair
-Reserve Purebred Overall 2014 Iowa State Fair FFA Jr Breeding Gilt Show
-Champion Duroc Breeding Gilt 2014 Iowa State Fair FFA Jr Show
-Reserve Purebred Barrow Overall 2014 Iowa State Fair FFA Jr Show
-Reserve Duroc Barrow 2014 Iowa Sate Fair FFA Jr Show
-Champion Duroc 2014 Iowa State Fair Jr 4-H Show
-Champion Duroc Barrow 2014 MO State Fair ,Reserve Purebred Overall And 4th Overall
-Grand Champion Gilt 2014 Jasper Co,In
-Champion Boar IL State Fair Open Show
-Reserve Champion Gilt 2014 STC - Selling for 18,000
-5th Overall Division 2- Class 5 Winner 2014 NJSS
-Reserve Grand Barrow Miami Co,In
-High Point Duroc Gilt 2014 Iowa Jackpot Circuit
- Grand Champion Overall Pendleton Co,KY
- Grand Overall Gilt Noble Co,IN

$75 • Summer Pricing: $25

Sire: Rib Crib
Dam: Buck Fever x Deep Red

Stress Negative  |  EN 12-4  |  Reg # 334953004
Bred by Flash Farms
Owned with Beyers Farm, IL

Flash Drive was purchased at STC Louisville, KY in 2012. Flash Drive was the different boar at the show. His look and design are as good as it gets. His toes are square, joints are clean, teat quality is excellent with a clean sheath. His color, skin, and hair are right as well. This guy’s widest point is at the ground. He is as Ox like as I have seen for a while. Unique but not perfect. Take Flash Drive to those females that have power and use him to make them more correct and sound.

-Reserve Grand Overall Morgan Co,Il
- Reserve Duroc Barrow 2015 National Western
- Class Winning Gilt 2015 OYE

-Class Winning Gilt 2014 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Class 4- Class Winner Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Grand Champion Overall  Gilt 2014 Hamilton Co,In

-3rd Overall Duroc Barrows 2014 NJSS
-5th Overall Duroc Barrows Division 2 2014 NJSS 
-Class 1 Duroc Gilts Winner STC 2014
-4th Overall Duroc Barrow 2014 WPX
-Reserve Duroc Gilts Division 1 2014 WPX 
-Grand Champion Overall Barrow 2014 Owen Co,IN 2014

Grand Champion Overall Duroc Market Hog 2014 Sioux Falls
-Grand Champion Overall Gilt 2013 Boone Co,IN
-Grand Champion Overall Gilt 2013 Putnam Co,IN
-Reserve Grand Overall Gilt 2013 White County,In
-Champion Duroc Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show and 5th Overall
-Champion Jr Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Reserve Jr  Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Reserve Sr Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Class Winning Barrow 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Reserve Sr Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Open Show Sold for 9500.00
-97,000 Champion Duroc Boar WPX
-4th Overall 2013 NJSA Summer Spectular Gilt Show
-Reserve Duoc Gilt 2013 NJSA Summer Spectular Gilt Show
-3rd Overall Division 1 2013 NJSA Summer Spectular Gilt Show
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