As you all know, red hogs are near and dear to our heart here at Purple Power(except  Blake).  In years past we have had alot of good breeding hogs in the likes of OJ, Hitch, OJ Jr., Prenup, Special Collection and Full Shift.  We are very excited to introduce this set of boars to you.  We think this particular group is easily the best set put together here at Purple Power.  We feel confident that you can utilize this set of boars to make your next group of showpigs extremely competitive.


SUMMER PRICING 75.00 a dose 6 doses 60.00 each

Sire- Incentive
Dam- Lifeblood X Full Shift X Special Collection
EN 1-1 | Reg# 356758001
Bred by Blake Danner

IGNITE has us lit up here at Purple Power. This guy looks like a BIG TIME BARROW SIRE. When you study his pedigree it is no wonder why.His sire Incentive has 2 shots of Special Collection in him and Lifeblood was out of Line Em Up which was a special collection and the great grand dam of IGNITE was also out of Special. Full shift, Prenup and Totally Awesome all set in this guys pedigree. About IGNITE, he is bigger footed, stouter boned and skulled than Special. He also has more lower butt as well. His shoulder height is awesome. He is wide, square, muscular and super sound. We have not had one that IGNITES us here at Purple Power like this one in quite a while!!!!!!!!!!!


SUMMER PRICING 50.00 a dose 6 doses 35.00 each

Sire: Rib Crib
Dam: Buck Fever x Deep Red

Stress Negative  |  EN 12-4  |  Reg # 334953004
Bred by Flash Farms
Owned with Beyers Farm, IL

Flash Drive was purchased at STC Louisville, KY in 2012. Flash Drive was the different boar at the show. His look and design are as good as it gets. His toes are square, joints are clean, teat quality is excellent with a clean sheath. His color, skin, and hair are right as well. This guy’s widest point is at the ground. He is as Ox like as I have seen for a while. Unique but not perfect. Take Flash Drive to those females that have power and use him to make them more correct and sound.

-Class Winning Gilt 2014 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Class 4- Class Winner Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Grand Champion Overall  Gilt 2014 Hamilton Co,In

-3rd Overall Duroc Barrows 2014 NJSS
-5th Overall Duroc Barrows Division 2 2014 NJSS 
-Class 1 Duroc Gilts Winner STC 2014
-4th Overall Duroc Barrow 2014 WPX
-Reserve Duroc Gilts Division 1 2014 WPX 
-Grand Champion Overall Barrow 2014 Owen Co,IN 2014

Grand Champion Overall Duroc Market Hog 2014 Sioux Falls
-Grand Champion Overall Gilt 2013 Boone Co,IN
-Grand Champion Overall Gilt 2013 Putnam Co,IN
-Reserve Grand Overall Gilt 2013 White County,In
-Champion Duroc Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show and 5th Overall
-Champion Jr Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Reserve Jr  Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Reserve Sr Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Class Winning Barrow 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Reserve Sr Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Open Show Sold for 9500.00
-97,000 Champion Duroc Boar WPX
-4th Overall 2013 NJSA Summer Spectular Gilt Show
-Reserve Duoc Gilt 2013 NJSA Summer Spectular Gilt Show
-3rd Overall Division 1 2013 NJSA Summer Spectular Gilt Show

SUMMER PRICING 50.00 a dose 6 doses 35.00 each

Sire: Red Bull
Dam: Big Ten

EN 9-1| Reg# 351406001
Bred by Thompson Brothers, Ohio

We are excited to bring Astroid home from STC 2014.After evaluating all the boars we felt like he was the only Boar that brought us something slightly different to our already strong and deep set of Duroc Boars at PPBS.  Astroid is not for every red sow but those that need to be powered up with the best top shape,width and squareness,look in here. Starting at the ground this guy has really good toes. His bone is big and flat. His width coming and going are wide and square. He is tall shouldered,moderate length of body and a really square hip. The turn in his center rib shape and the ground top and turn to his loin, I have not seen in a negative red one in a long time . We are excited to put this guy on females here to make awesome barrows. As with the Red bucking Bull on the PBR we feel Astroid will still be at least 92% effective in kicking out great results.
SUMMER PRICING 50.00 a dose 6 doses 35.00 each

Class1- Winner Duroc Gilts 2014 Fall Classic Selling for 5,000

Sire: Crakin Down
Dam: Hype X God's Gift

Stress Negative  |  EN 19-4  |  Reg#349793004
Raised by Joe Eggers

Rock Revival was purchased at Duncan 2013 in winning the youngest boar class as an August born.  He looked awesome then and even better now.  If you ask Joe Eggers about the red sows in his herd, he will be talking about this guys dam and granddam as they are the backbone to his red program.  Rock Rivival has square toes, good bone, excellent joints, angulation, stout skulled, with a great look.  He is tall shouldered, square bilt, muscular, very balanced and sound.  We feel like we stoled this one, unlike a pair of Rock Rivivals.

Click to Enlarge!

SUMMER PRICING 50.00 a dose 6 doses 35.00 each

Sire: WTX Red Jacket
Dam: Full Shift ($4,000 gilt purchase from RW Genetics)

Stress Negative  |  LEA 10.2  |  LEN 3-1  |  LReg# 346044001
Bred by Norman Farms, Ill.
Owned with Marty Fordice & Family and Rodibaugh Genetics, Ind.

Without a question, CHALLENGER was our pick of the Duroc boars at the 2013 STC! It doesn't matter which end you start at, this hog is good. Tall-shouldered, long-fronted, square to the ground, big-ribbed,
muscular, heavy-structured and square-toed – all with muscle and soundness.

-4 out of the 12 Class Winning Gilts 2014 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Reserve Duroc Gilt 2014 Indiana State Fair
-Champion Jr Gilt 2014 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Reserve Sr Gilt 2014 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Class 1 Duroc Barrows- Class Winner 2014 Indiana State Fair
-Reserve Purebred Overall 2014 Iowa State Fair FFA Jr Breeding Gilt Show
-Champion Duroc Breeding Gilt 2014 Iowa State Fair FFA Jr Show
-Reserve Purebred Barrow Overall 2014 Iowa State Fair FFA Jr Show
-Reserve Duroc Barrow 2014 Iowa Sate Fair FFA Jr Show
-Champion Duroc 2014 Iowa State Fair Jr 4-H Show
-Champion Duroc Barrow 2014 MO State Fair ,Reserve Purebred Overall And 4th Overall
-Grand Champion Gilt 2014 Jasper Co,In
-Champion Boar IL State Fair Open Show
-Reserve Champion Gilt 2014 STC - Selling for 18,000
-5th Overall Division 2- Class 5 Winner 2014 NJSS
-Reserve Grand Barrow Miami Co,In
-High Point Duroc Gilt 2014 Iowa Jackpot Circuit
SUMMER PRICING 35.00 a dose 6 doses 25.00 each

Sire: Challenger
Dam: Gucci
(Lasting Impression x Ladies Man x Final Approach x Special Collection)

Stress Negative  |  EN 14-4  |  Reg#353594004
Bred by Blake Danner, Ind.

CUMMINS is a great compliment of both mommy and daddy. CUMMINS is extremely square with width, big ended and muscular. He is really tall shouldered, level topped and square hipped. This guy’s strengths are
extremely good. He has square toes, clean joints and a sound rear leg. For me, I love that he runs up hill. This guy’s flex and angles at his foot and pastern are ideal. CUMMINS puts some things into a package that are hard to do.
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