As you all know, red hogs are near and dear to our heart here at Purple Power(except  Blake).  In years past we have had alot of good breeding hogs in the likes of OJ, Hitch, OJ Jr., Prenup, Special Collection and Full Shift.  We are very excited to introduce this set of boars to you.  We think this particular group is easily the best set put together here at Purple Power.  We feel confident that you can utilize this set of boars to make your next group of showpigs extremely competitive.


4 doses: $150 each | Overrun $150

Sire: 90 Proof
Dam: High Profile x Full Shift
Stress Negative | EN 203-3 | Reg# 349952003
Purcahsed from Kyle Stephens

Incentive has us very excited here at Purple Power. I recieved a phone call from Brian Anderson at the end of October about this one. Brian's statement was "This one is potentially as good as I have seen in 2 or 3 years." When Kyle stepped Incentive off the trailor at Duncan to show him to us, Sue said to me later that his name needed to be two steps. By the time he took his second step off the trailor she knew we would have to figure out a way to write the check for him. Sometimes life takes a little extra INCENTIVE to stretch. We feel the incentive to invest in this guy as he combines the feature, width, power, and added muscle to make show barrows; yet at the same time is tall at the point of his shoulder and has the added body shape and extension to make gilts. Couple this with his show hog look, clean sheath, and exceptional underline quality, we feel Incentive puts together what the breed needs the most: flexibility and muscularity into one package.

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$125.00 a dose
4 doses: $100 each | Overrun $62.50

Sire: Triple Rock 2-5 (Res. Grand Boar, 2012 WPX)
Dam: Torpedo Justified

Stress Negative | BF .70 | LEA 8.0 | EN 24-9 | Reg# 344012009
Bred by Mike and Debra Bond, Kan.
Owned with Nelson Durocs, S.D.

INCREDIBLE was purchased at the 2013 WPX. When I found this guy, I knew that he had to be in Chalmers. Thanks to Mike Bond for allowing this guy to be here in our stud. INCREDIBLE is really good and square in his travel and build. His rib shape is INCREDIBLE, and his look and
muscularity are INCREDIBLE as well. So many overlooked this one but, I didn't. You need to make sure you don't either.
$150.00 a dose
4 doses: $100 each | Overrun $75

Sire: WTX Red Jacket
Dam: Full Shift ($4,000 gilt purchase from RW Genetics)

Stress Negative  |  LEA 10.2  |  LEN 3-1  |  LReg# 346044001
Bred by Norman Farms, Ill.
Owned with Marty Fordice & Family and Rodibaugh Genetics, Ind.

Without a question, CHALLENGER was our pick of the Duroc boars at the 2013 STC! It doesn't matter which end you start at, this hog is good. Tall-shouldered, long-fronted, square to the ground, big-ribbed,
muscular, heavy-structured and square-toed – all with muscle and soundness.
$100.00 a dose
4 doses: $75 each | Overrun $50
Sire: Vulcan
Dam: Maxed Out (this was her 12th litter)

Stress Negative | EN 15-4 | Reg# 350682004
Raised by Don and Preston Smith

Vulcano's dam has been a prolific sow for the Smith's.  She is the center and backbone of their sow herd.  Vulcano is stout, wide, square, tall shouldered, monster ribbed, sound and muscular.  We expect great things from Vulcano and he has a different pedigree for an outcross as well.

$75.00 a dose
4 doses: $60 each | Overrun $50

Sire: Rib Crib
Dam: Buck Fever x Deep Red

Stress Negative  |  EN 12-4  |  Reg # 334953004
Bred by Flash Farms
Owned with Beyers Farm, IL

Flash Drive was purchased at STC Louisville, KY in 2012. Flash Drive was the different boar at the show. His look and design are as good as it gets. His toes are square, joints are clean, teat quality is excellent with a clean sheath. His color, skin, and hair are right as well. This guy’s widest point is at the ground. He is as Ox like as I have seen for a while. Unique but not perfect. Take Flash Drive to those females that have power and use him to make them more correct and sound.

-Grand Champion Overall Duroc Market Hog 2014 Sioux Falls
-Grand Champion Overall Gilt 2013 Boone Co,IN
-Grand Champion Overall Gilt 2013 Putnam Co,IN
-Reserve Grand Overall Gilt 2013 White County,In
-Champion Duroc Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show and 5th Overall
-Champion Jr Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Reserve Jr  Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Reserve Sr Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Class Winning Barrow 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Reserve Sr Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Open Show Sold for 9500.00
-97,000 Champion Duroc Boar WPX
-4th Overall 2013 NJSA Summer Spectular Gilt Show
-Reserve Duoc Gilt 2013 NJSA Summer Spectular Gilt Show
-3rd Overall Division 1 2013 NJSA Summer Spectular Gilt Show
$75.00 a dose
4 doses: $60 each | Overrun $50

Sire: Yak II
Dam: Perfect Game

Stress Negative  |  BF: .85  |  LEA: 8.9  |  EN 3-4  |  Reg#336351004
Bred by Don R Smith

It seems like, every once in a while, we just find one,  Crackin Down was not only my favorite red boar at the IN State Fair, but some of the NSR Staff as well.  His feet are big, his bone is big, clean and flat, he travels wide front and rear and he has this unbelievable look up front.  He also couples that with great rib shape(not just deep and soggy but true curviture) and a level hip.  His dam is a littermate to Complete Game and his granddam goes back to our old Prenup line.  Take note of this one!!!!!!!!

-Reserve Duroc Gilt 2014 San Antonio Jr Stock Show
-Reserve Duroc Barrow 2013 NAILE
-3 out of the 4 Class Winning Market Hogs at the Naile were sired by Crackin Down
-Reserve Grand Overall Gilt 2013 Kosciusko Co,IN
-5th Overall Division 2 NJSA Duroc Gilts 2013 Summer Spectacular

$100.00 a dose
4 doses: $75 each | Overrun $50

Sire: Crakin Down
Dam: Hype X God's Gift

Stress Negative  |  EN 19-4  |  Reg#349793004
Raised by Joe Eggers

Rock Revival was purchased at Duncan 2013 in winning the youngest boar class as an August born.  He looked awesome then and even better now.  If you ask Joe Eggers about the red sows in his herd, he will be talking about this guys dam and granddam as they are the backbone to his red program.  Rock Rivival has square toes, good bone, excellent joints, angulation, stout skulled, with a great look.  He is tall shouldered, square bilt, muscular, very balanced and sound.  We feel like we stoled this one, unlike a pair of Rock Rivivals.
$75.00 a dose
4 doses: $50 each | Overrun $35

Sire: Flash Drive
Lasting Impression x Ladies Man x Final Approach x Special Collection

Stress Negative  |  EN 6-3  |  Reg#342905003
Bred by Blake Danner, Ind.
KRYPTONITE comes out of a great sow line. His mother was 5th Overall Gilt at the 2012 WPX. That gilt's grandma was a popular class-winning gilt in the 2011 Indiana State Fair Jr. Show and was called a foundation female by the judge. His daddy, Flash Drive, was purchased
specifically to breed to KRYPTONITE'S dam, Gucci. KRYPTONITE has looked like a boar from the day he was born. He's always been stout, wide and big centered. He's got an extremely long front end with tremendous body and mass, which makes him unique. Adding to all of
this, is KRYPTONITE'S ability to take a long stride on both ends of his skeleton.
$75.00 a dose
4 doses: $50 each | Overrun $35

Sire: Sancho (Double Shift X Pi R Squared)
Dam: Seminole Wind (Dynasty 76-4 X Got It X Totally Awesome)

Stress Negative  |  EN 18-4  |  Reg#346148004
Bred by Jason Foote
Owned with Rodibaugh Genetics

Carlos was named Champion Duroc Boar at 2013 Keystone. Carlos is square toed, heavy boned, sound red boar with really good muscle and descript shape. He posses a great look and balance about himself as well. Carlos is a good addition to an already strong set added this year.
$75.00 a dose
4 doses: $50 each | Overrun $35

Sire: Full Shift
Dam: Timberwolf X OJ Jr.

EN 19-3  |  Reg# 322851003  |  Stress Negative
Bred by Beyers Farms
Owned with Beyers Farms, IL

Integrity is one unique creature. Never before have we had a red boar that combines this much structure and this much rib, power and muscle all in one package. If you need to power one up and want to maintain a look with soundness, look in here.

-Reserve Duroc Barrow 2014 NJSA Southeast Regional
-Class 6 Winner Duroc Gilt 2014 NJSA Southeast Regional
-Reserve Grand Overall 2014 OKJSA Banner Blowout
-Champion Duroc Gilt 2013 Oregon State Fair
-Champion Duroc Market Hog FFA California State Fair
 -Champion Duroc Barrow 2013 Southwest Regional
-Reserve Grand Overall Barrow 2013 Delware Co,In
-Class 6 Class Winning Duroc Barrow 2013 WPX Jr show
-Reserve Divison 1 Duroc Gilt 2013 WPX Jr Show
-3rd Overall Duroc Gilt 2013 WPS Jr Show
-3rd Overall Duroc Gilt 2013
-Reserve Duroc Barrow 2013 Arizona National
-Reserve Grand Overall Barrow 2012 Summer Spectacular
-Champion Duroc Barrow 2012 Summer Spectacular
-Class 2 Winner Duroc Barrow 2012 Summer Spectacular
-5th Overall Duroc Barrow 2012 Summer Spectacular
-Reserve Duroc Barrow 2012 WPX
-5th Overall Duroc Barrow 2012 WPX
-Champion Duroc Gilt 2012 WPX Open Show
-4th Overall Duroc Gilt 2012 WPX Jr. show
- Champion Bred and Owned Gilt 2012 NJSA Western Regional
-Reserve Bred and Owned 2012 NJSA Western Regional
-Champion Lt Wt Barrow 2012 San Antonio
-Reserve Champion Duroc Market Hog 2012 Arizona Nationals
-Class 1 Winning Boar 2011 Fall Classic

$75.00 a dose
4 doses: $50 each | Overrun $35

Sire: Integrity
Dam: PSSS Buck Cherry

Stress Negative  |  EN 9-3  |  Reg#343587003
Bred by Beyers Farms, Ill.

ON FIRE comes out of a great breeding program at Beyers Farms, Ill. Without a doubt, in the last year, Beyers Farms has been on fire in the red junior program. There is pure muscle sitting in this hog. Squareness to the ground and athleticism are part of this guy's assets
as well.
$100.00 a dose
4 doses: $75 each | Overrun $50

Sire: Divin Deep
Dam: Diversity X Manual Labor X Special Collection

Stress Carrier  |  NO PEDIGREE
Bred by Blake Danner

ONE EAR is a carrier red boar that we have been looking for from the start. He was the small pig of the litter but that is where the negative stops.If Square,stout,muscular,good looking,balanced hogs are what you are after,look no further.
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