Winter Pricing $100.00

Sire: Watch and Learn
Dam: Honeymoon x Meatpacker (Grand gilt at WPX 2016)

Stress- Negative
Raised By Blake Danner

CRYIN SHAME came from one of my most anticipated litters ever. Being the first litter from the grand gilt WPX 2016. Needless to say, we were excited upon the arrival. Cryin Shame was a stud from early on. He was the dark skinned, geek necked one that paraded with confidence in the crate and up to the point of pinching a nerve in his back around 150-180 pounds. (Thus, no picture) He was and still is big footed, stout boned, tall shouldered, giraffe necked with muscle and squareness. Up to the point of injury, he was extremely sound and athletic. It was a Cryin Shame that he hurt himself, but I believe in this one enough, I bred 40% of this upcoming crop to him. Understanding I had more elite red boars this fall than ever before. Along with the fact of having more red boars in total than females to breed. In my opinion, this speaks how confident I am in his potential to do great things.

$350 a dose | Off Season Pricing 10-26 to 3-17
$150 /4 or more doses per collection $125

Sire Bear Claw
Dam- King of Outlaws (WOLF SOW)

Stress- Negative
EN 4-4 l Reg 387210004
Bred by Kent Brattain and Family

Owned with Kent Brattain and Family and Brad Barnett

NO RULES was purchased off the farm from Kent Brattain. His dam needs no introduction in saying she is the Wolf gilt from 2015 and the dam of WATCH N LEARN. NO RULES puts 3 things into one package that seldom happens extreme look,bone and muscle all in a very square and sound package. Need I say more. Please come and view this beast you will not be disappointed.


$300 | Off Season Pricing 10-26 to 3-17
$125 4 or more doses per collection $100

Sire- Watch N Learn
Dam- Lifetime X Milestone

Stress- negative
EN 6-6 l Reg 382286006
Bred by Brett and Todd Beyers

TAKING LESSONS was purchased off the farm from Brett. The first time I seen this guy he would of weighed approximately 100 LBS. All I know was he had to come to Chalmers. I went back the second time right before WPX and was even more convinced. Within 2 weeks after WPX I took Sue to look at him as well. By this time Brett had priced him, within 4 steps out of the barn, Sue said, lets do this.  HE is the REAL DEAL.  Not only is Taking Lessons the real deal, he has look, bone, muscle, balance, squareness, soundness and yes, a great sow family behind him.  
    Taking Lessons granddam is the Milestone sow that they have been building around.  They have several daughters out of her now and her last big win was the Rinderer barrow that does well at WPX and Summer Conference.  Not to mention, the full sib sister is the dam of the Grand Gilt and the Grand Land of Lincoln barrow at Illinois State Fair 2016.  Another littermate was Grand at Oklahoma State Fair and Southwest NJSA Regional.  So not only is Taking Lessons really good, the best breeding boars come from really strong sow families.  

Dam: King Of Outlaws

Watch and Learn
$150 a dose | Off Season Pricing 10-26 to 3-17
$100 /4 or more doses per collection $75

Sire- King of Queens
Dam- King Of Outlaws (wolf gilt that wins pigplanet show 2015)

EN 6-3 Reg 374010003
Bred by Kent Brattain and Family 

Watch N Learn was named by Kent and if this guy generates like we think, his name could say it all. This is a super stout hog that at 100 pounds standing at Kent's was quoted by some of the traffic as the best red hog they had seen at that time. His natural ability to add foot, bone, width, mass, correctness of structure is uncoupled to any. Never before have we had one this stout in his structure and put that with his ability to travel is unreal…

- Reserve Grand Overall 2017 Kansas State Fair
- Reserve Duroc 2017 Eastern Regional NJSA
- Reserve Champion Purebred Gilt 2017 Cow Palace
- Champion Duroc Gilt 2017 NBS Jr Show
- Reserve Champion Duroc Barrow 2017 NBS Jr show
- Class Winning Gilt 2017 SW Regional
- Class Winning Barrow 2017 Ohio State Fair Jr Show
- Class Winning Barrow 2017 Kentucky State Fair Jr Show
- Reserve Champion Duroc Market Hog 2017 Colorado State Fair
- Reserve Grand Purebred gilt 2017 Iowa State Fair 4-h  Show 

- Reserve Grand Overall Gilt 2017 Illinois State Fair Jr Show
- Champion Duroc Gilt 2017 Illinois State Fair Jr Show 
- Class Winning Barrow 2017 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
- Champion Duroc Barrow Boulder Co,CO
- Grand Champion Gilt 2017 Tippecanoe Co,IN
- Reserve Grand 2017 Winners Advantage Jackpot Show,IL
- Grand Champion Overall Gilt 2017 Owen Co,IN
- Grand Champion Overall Gilt 2017 Jasper Co,In
- 4th Overall Barrow 2017 Grant Co,In 
- Reserve Duroc Gilt Division 2 2017 NJSA
- Reserve Duroc Gilt Division 1 2017 NJSA 
- 4th Overall Division 2 Duroc Gilt 2017 WPX
- Champion Bred and Owned Duroc Gilt 2017 WPX 


  Bullet Hole
$200 a dose | Off Season Pricing 10-26 to 3-17
$75 / 4 or more doses per collection $60

Sire- Watch N Learn
Dam- Honeymoon X Meatpacker (Grand at WPX Jr Show 2016)

Stress- Negative
EN 2-5 Reg 381121005
Bred by Blake Danner

BULLET HOLE was made right here in Chalmers, Being his mommy was the Grand Overall at the 2016 WPX Jr Show.We had great expectations of this litter. Mated to one of my all time favorites,Watch N Learn even raised the bar by quite some margin. BULLET HOLE came out stout and a little extra right from birth. He has never disappointed. In one of the first few tours,in mid July a very prominent bigger Crossbred breeder quote " I can get into looking at Red hogs that look like this" BULLET HOLE is stout featured,that is tall shouldered,great look ,square made with the rib and muscle of an athlete. I  priced this one way under the money for all to use. This guy is elite.

$200 a dose | Off Season Pricing 10-26 to 3-17
$75/ 4 or more doses per collection $60

Sire: Believe In Me 

EN 2-2 Reg 380228002 l Stress Negative
Bred by Norman Farms,IL

Owned with Bill Range

TOTAL CONVICTION was purchased at Belton 2017 and honestly I tried to buy him before the show with listening to Grant's Total Conviction.  We have purchased several boars from the Norman's now and without a doubt, Grant had more conviction on this guy than all the others added together and that includes Challenger and Right Round.  Needless to say those 2 need no introduction.  TOTAL CONVICTION is out of the same sow ($18,000 Challenger Female) that He's The One, Class Act, New Direction, Twister, and Grant praised Total Conviction extremely high amongst her offspring. His comment: "this guy is so flexible and correct with all that look." Do I need to say more. In my opinion he looks better today, three weeks later, than what he did at the show because he is starting to body back up. Total Conviction will get used here at PPBS.

  Final Thoughts
$200 a dose | Off Season Pricing 10-26 to 3-17 - $50

Sire Amplify
Dam Honeymoon Litter mate Sister

EN 21-2 Reg 379675002
Bred and Owned by Eggers and Sampson

Final Thoughts was purchased Jan 2017.The Drive into  Eggers farm that night was interesting because the fog was so thick,one needed to cut it with a knife. However the only thing not foggy that next morning was my vision for a Final Thought.When I entered the Barn, Final Thought was in the pen giving me a side profile. Joe was headed towards the row with the Cross Boars,I glimpsed that way and back to the reds.Final Thoughts litter mate brother stood up and I took a brief look and my eyes went back to Final Thoughts. I then did not want to play my cards to hard so I started the tour on the crosses with Joe. All of this at the beginning was short and even though I really enjoyed looking at the cross boar SGI buys we could not turn the corner fast enough. Up close Final thoughts I see awesome Toes,Big Legs, Square Built ,proper angles , a great look and really good muscle. I dig this guy and that is my Final Thought.

  Steel Pipe
$150 a dose | Off Season Pricing 10-26 to 3-17
$100/4 or more doses per collection $75

Dam-Crackin Down X Hype X Gods Gift

EN 1-1 Reg 373403001
Bred and Owned with Eggers and Sampson

Steel Pipe is a boar that has more look with a combination of heaviness of structure and big hip of any I have seen this summer. Steel Pipe was Joe's and my favorite boar for him to take to the Expo and then he became all boar and more than a hand full to mess with. Joe asked if we were still interested in him and I jumped at the opportunity. This guy is giraffe necked ,awesome toe quality,big legs, square and sound.  His balance is impeccable with plenty of muscle. Steel Pipes mommy is not to bad either, being named Reserve Duroc Gilt at San Antonio 2013 and a litter mate to Rock Revival that stood here. This guy is taylor made to add structure, soundness and look. He will be used here in Chalmers and at the Eggers/Sampson farms.

- 4th Overall Barrow 2017 Indiana State Fair
- Reserve Duroc Barrow 2017 Indiana State Fair
- Champion Duroc Barrow 2017 Missouri State Fair
- 4th Overall Division 3 Duroc Gilts 2017 NJSA

  Filthy Harmony
$100 a dose |Off Season Pricing 10-26 to 3-17 - $35

Sire- Fireball
Dam-King of Outkaws X Flash Drive

EN 7-2 Reg 379071002
Stress- Negative
Bred by and Owned with Kent Brattain

Filthy Harmony was purchased from Kent Brattain off the farm spring 2017.  His dam is a littermate to Kallie's red gilt that was named 4th overall and barrow that was named 5th overall at Lville NJSA 2015.  I told Kent that barrow cost him a lot of money when he was cut.  Wow, what a barrow and I am positive I am not the only fan.  That in my opinion makes Filthy Harmony even better.  Filthy Harmony is the most like a boar we called Special Collection that we have had since that time.  I think it is perfect timing to add that type to the lineup. Tall shouldered, squarer built, very shapely, perfect length of body and sound.  This guy has a serious chance.


$100 a dose |Off Season Pricing 10-26 to 3-17 - $50

Sire- Bloodhound 
Dam- Red Rock

EN 160-5 Reg 381105005
Stress- Negative
Bred by Thompson Brothers,OH

PROJECT X was purchased at the WPX 2017. I found this boar very interesting and almost absolutely impossible to duplicate thru his front foot to shoulder to upper blade,and back onto his center and upper rib, He is out of a pedigree on both sides that is slightly different and therefore PROJECT X was purchased to go back on at least one of our Full Shift daughters. I failed to mention the back third isn't bad either,just the front 2/3 is amazing. 


$100 a dose |Off Season Pricing 10-26 to 3-17 - $35

Sire- War Paint
Dam-Honest Abe (Kryptonite XAnticipation )

Stress Negative 
Bred by Tim Dare and Family
EN 4-4 Reg 387243004

TRUTH OR DARE was purchased at Louisville 2017. We are very excited to add this Boar to our already deep set of reds. For 3 years now,I have been looking for a boar that combines CHALLENGER and LADIES MAN . WELL TRUTH OR DARE is the one. Honestly by the time of Louisville  I was not in the market for another red boar. I guess it proves that if the one I wants shows up ,I am always ready to buy. TRUTH OR DARE looks like an awesome female producer. If this is true he wont be the first red boar on the bottom side of a lot of really potent red ones in our industry that came from Purple Power. TRUTH OR DARE is a slightly bigger boar that combines quality structure,squareness,look ,rib shape,balance with length of front end and one of the longest hips I have seen in a while. Yes everything I just said is the TRUTH.

$100 a dose |Off Season Pricing 10-26 to 3-17 - $35

Sire- Wont Stop
Dam- -Challenger
EN 15-2 Reg -369112002

Bred by Joe Eggers

- Reserve Grand Barrow Wells Co,In 2017
- Class Winner San Antonio  Jr Gilt Show 2017
- Reserve Duroc Gilt 2017 San Antonio Stock Show Jr Show
- 4th Overall Duroc Barrow 2017 OYE
- Champion Duroc Barrow 2017 Autsin

Mother of Energizer- Champion Points Iowa Jackpot Circuit 2014
Shown by Tyler Frasher  Bred by Andy Platner
Sired by Challenger 

Price $75 |Off Season Pricing 10-26 to 3-17 - $35

Sire: Rib Crib
Dam: Buck Fever x Deep Red

Stress Negative  |  EN 12-4  |  Reg # 334953004
Bred by Flash Farms
Owned with Beyers Farm, IL

Flash Drive was purchased at STC Louisville, KY in 2012. Flash Drive was the different boar at the show. His look and design are as good as it gets. His toes are square, joints are clean, teat quality is excellent with a clean sheath. His color, skin, and hair are right as well. This guy’s widest point is at the ground. He is as Ox like as I have seen for a while. Unique but not perfect. Take Flash Drive to those females that have power and use him to make them more correct and sound.

- 2017 Champion Duroc Gilt Wisconsin State Fair Open Show
- Champion Duroc Barrow 2017 California State Fair

-Reserve Grand Overall Morgan Co,Il
- Reserve Duroc Barrow 2015 National Western
- Class Winning Gilt 2015 OYE

-Class Winning Gilt 2014 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Class 4- Class Winner Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Grand Champion Overall  Gilt 2014 Hamilton Co,In

-3rd Overall Duroc Barrows 2014 NJSS
-5th Overall Duroc Barrows Division 2 2014 NJSS 
-Class 1 Duroc Gilts Winner STC 2014
-4th Overall Duroc Barrow 2014 WPX
-Reserve Duroc Gilts Division 1 2014 WPX 
-Grand Champion Overall Barrow 2014 Owen Co,IN 2014

Grand Champion Overall Duroc Market Hog 2014 Sioux Falls
-Grand Champion Overall Gilt 2013 Boone Co,IN
-Grand Champion Overall Gilt 2013 Putnam Co,IN
-Reserve Grand Overall Gilt 2013 White County,In
-Champion Duroc Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show and 5th Overall
-Champion Jr Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Reserve Jr  Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Reserve Sr Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Class Winning Barrow 2013 Indiana State Fair Jr Show
-Reserve Sr Gilt 2013 Indiana State Fair Open Show Sold for 9500.00
-97,000 Champion Duroc Boar WPX
-4th Overall 2013 NJSA Summer Spectular Gilt Show
-Reserve Duoc Gilt 2013 NJSA Summer Spectular Gilt Show
-3rd Overall Division 1 2013 NJSA Summer Spectular Gilt Show
-Reserve Duroc Gilt 2016 Delaware State Fair 
-Reserve Grand Overall Gilt 2016 Huntington Co,In

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