2-5 Doses 35.00
6-9 Doses 30.00
10-19 Doses 25.00
20 or More 15.00

Berk $75.00
EN 1-3 Reg# 103176003
Sire Major Stuff
Dam Daddy Sang Bass
Stress Negative
Bred by Mike Gentry and Family

Double Stuff is a really Good boar. He has huge feet,heavy boned,wide and square chested with a big rib. His top and butt are big as well. He is very sound and leaves you wide and square. His mommy is awesome. she was the Champion Berk gilt, summer 2007 at National Junior Show ar Springfield. Breed to this guy with confidence.
Price: $75
Ear Notch 4-2   Reg# 138836002
Sire: Home Brew
Dam: Sniper (Texas Holdem littermates sister)

Breed: Spot
Stress Negative

Purchased from Reggie Davis

Premium Blend is a really interesting hog. Tall fronted, wide chested, monstrous rib and a long level top and hip. For a negative, he still possesses the extra shape we all still want and need.
S & L
Price: $75
Sire: SOS Dam: B&B x B&B mom
EN 1-1 Reg# 142953001
Bred by Keith Iberg, IL

Grand Champion Overall Boar from the 2009 Purple Power Customer Appreciation Sale. He was a  great purchase in March and even a better purchase in July. He is stout, wide, muscular and balance all together. His littermate sister was fourth overall and brother was third overall at the recent Team Purebred show.
Spot $75.00
Sire: Blind Faith
Dam: Premium Blend X Basil Hayden
Stress Negative
Bred By Chuck Dill and Family

Kosher is a boar we purchased off the farm after Duncan 2010. In our opinion this guy would have ranked extremely well if he would have been there. Kosher is square, wide, level and cat like sound. His rib has great curveature to it along with a really good top and big hip. I think Kosher can prove that he is one of the very best spot boars we have ever had.
Spot $75.00
Sire Special Reserve
Dam Second Chance
EN 9-4 Reg#144838004
Sress Carrier
Bred by Norman Brothers
Owned with Kyle Stephens

Roadhouse was the Reserve Boar art Belton 2010. I thought this boar was sound,complete boar. His center rib width and squareness is really good. His center rib,top and butt will make better spots as well. He is a noce addition to a strong set of Spots.
EN 28-1 Reg# 146776001
Sire: Blind Faith
Dam: Basil Hayden
Stress: Negative
Raised by Brazil Show Stock

Fortune Teller was the class winner in the youngest boar class Duncan 2010. Fortune Teller is a tall fronted, great designed boar that is sound and functional. He is a boar that is square and on the corners. His full sister was the grand overall gilt at Ft Worth and reserve spot gilt at San Antonio last spring. Be ahead of the competition and use Fortune Teller.
Price: $75
Sire Out Cold
Dam Vendetta
EN 1-5 Reg# 138881005
Bred by John Robb, IL
Owned with Rodibaugh
LEA 10.2 BF .89

Forearms name describes him best. He was Steve Rodibaughs and our pick at the 2010 STC. He is big footed, stout boned, monster forearmed with a huge chest and rib. He puts this all together with a good design.
Chester 75.00
Sire Dakota
Dam -Nine Lives
EN 3-6 Reg# 138510006
Stress Negative
Bred by Grant Norman

Flex was purchased at Belton 2010. I thought he was the Breeding Boar in the Chester Sow. His strong suit is flexability in his spine and joints. If you have a Chester that is tight made and needs to FLEX more look no further.
Sire: BUCO White Out
Dam: RCA 9 Musclemaker
EN 121-1 Reg# 126789001
Bred and Owned by Parkison & Rodibaugh

This guy is square made and clean fronted, with plenty of muscle and is sound structured and heavy boned. Being born in 2002 proves he has longevity bred into him. This guy needs to be ran back through all our breeding programs. He will be great to use on all our Classic Steal daughters.
Price: $75
Reg# 140329009 EN 86-9
Sire: High Hope
EN 86-9 Reg # 140329009
Bred by: Bob Armstrong

Breed: Spot

This guy is heavy boned and huge footed. He's been called "STEER LEGGED". If you want to add structure and design to make those truly great ones, look in here.

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